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Here is a collection of reviews I’ve written about other children’s books.

The Garden and the Glen by Elizabeth Moseley New Release!


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This charming story opens with a beautiful, detailed description of the scene; a bright yellow house, a small vegetable garden and a tree covered by what seem to be unique yellow flowers. You will soon discover the tree was engulfed by many yellow butterflies with a specific assignment.  What did they do? They chased animals or flowers out of the area because they were different.

Imagine how terrified the delicate blue butterfly felt when she was driven out of the garden by a gigantic group of angry yellow butterflies. The gentle blue butterfly flew frantically away from the garden and found sanctuary in the forest. The blue butterfly noticed all of the creatures in the forest were varied. One of her favorite new friends was a bright orange lily, who welcomed her. The furry brown squirrel, the family of deer, the frogs, the fish and every forest resident had one thing in common. They were all rejected by nasty swarm of the yellow butterflies.

A dilemma occurred when the lovely revered Butterfly Queen became ill. At first, no one knew how to cure her malady. But her respected physician discovered somewhere in the garden area there was a flower which contained a powerful medicine. Was the only problem finding the flower? No, the bossy butterfly planned to ruin everything by seizing power once the Butterfly Queen passed away.

The dainty blue butterfly showed exceptional courage in the story. But she wasn’t the only hero. You’ll cheer her on and delight in the solutions the animals create.

What were my favorite parts? I loved when the deer rolled acorns over to the brown squirrel so he could store them for the winter. Another endearing section was when the little squirrel had a mouthful of acorns when she tried to explain she’s been chased away by the yellow butterflies as well.

I highly recommend this enchanting children’s tale. Young readers will be captivated by the story from page one to the end.  There is ample suspense to keep children eagerly turning pages to see what happens next. Not only that, but also, I loved the message the book conveys; we are all special and we should embrace our differences. In addition, readers will see the value of teamwork and how much the characters grew during the story. Finally, I’d like to compliment the beautiful, soft illustrations. They are extraordinary.

Chickie and the Great Barnyard Benefit by Bee Urabazo


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Chickie and the Great Barnyard Benefit is an adorable tale you won’t want to miss. When a baby chick named Chickie finds a home on Stagecoach Lane, he meets some new animal friends.  Chickie’s friends suffer during a big storm so they plan a benefit show to help the victims. What happens when nasty Derek Lambcelot acts like he’s the only one who has talent? What if the talent show is a failure? Chickie wants to perform in the show, but will he be laughed off the stage?

I loved the story itself and the beautiful ending. The illustrations were beautiful and there is plenty of suspense throughout the book.

This is a wonderful tale for parents and families. Children will adore it and they will benefit from learning about developing your talents, coping with varied personalities, and overcoming obstacles. I give it my highest recommendation.

copyright 2020 Deanie Humphrys-Dunne


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Have you ever wondered what gratitude means and why it’s important?  This book explains why gratitude is a feeling that can transform your life. For example, you will see how being grateful can improve your social life by helping you connect with people. You will learn how gratefulness can help you in many situations.

Did you know the hypothalamus is the part of your brain that controls many of your body’s functions such as sleep, appetite, and growth? Psychologists believe when you feel unhappy, stress and depression will dominate your life. Who wants to spend your precious life feeling sad? Are you aware that gratitude can work like a natural antidepressant by releasing two neurotransmitters called dopamine and serotonin?  Neurotransmitters are your brain’s chemical messengers. When you feel appreciative of the wonderful things and people in your life, it will brighten every aspect of your existence.

Feeling grateful can also improve not only your mental status but also your physical wellbeing. In fact, feeling appreciative can help prevent such ailments as high blood pressure and other heart problems. Feeling fulfilled can improve your immune system as well.

This book explains how to focus on the things you’ve neglected, like the beauty of nature. Do you remember being a child who loved the wonder of flowers and butterflies? This book will show you how to appreciate these things again and why it’s important to your life.

What are some of the other benefits of this book? You will learn new skills to help you incorporate gratefulness in your daily living. For instance, how do you write a thank-you note and why is it important? Will it only benefit you, or the recipient as well? How can you be the proper role model for your children so they learn the importance of being thankful for your blessings?  The chapter on raising children to look for the positive aspects of life was one of my favorite parts of the book because children are our future.

There are simple exercises you can do daily and track how they change your attitude about your life. This step by step plan can easily be added to your routine.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book and found it most beneficial. I will be implementing some of the suggestions in my own life. This book will help you to cope when unfortunate events occur in your life, and treasure the gleeful times more than you imagined. I give The Power of Gratitude my highest recommendation.

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