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Deanie Humphrys-Dunne is an award-winning children's book author with 5 books published: Tails of Sweetbrier, Charlie the Horse, Charlene the Star, Charlene the Star and Hattie's Heroes, and Charlene the Star and Bentley Bulldog. Tails of Sweetbrier has won such awards as: The Reader's Favorite silver medal, honorable mention in the Purple Dragonfly Award, and the silver medal in the Feathered Quill book awards. In addition Deanie has won an author award for all of her books, called "50 Great Books You Should Be Reading." All of Deanie's books are beautifully illustrated by her sister, Holly Humphrys-Bajaj. Each book conveys positive messages for children.

Disability: A miracle for Aldrin

What if you were born with a horrible, painful disability that made walking practically impossible? Little eleven-year-old Aldrin was born […]

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vision: Mom’s pony, Chiefie

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My dad had many natural gifts. One of them was having a vision, or an idea of the way things […]

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My hero: overcoming fears

My dad was my hero in many ways. For one, he never tried to shelter me from new experiences. He […]

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Before you win: you begin

Have you ever noticed the hardest thing to do is to begin? It could be you’re writing a book and […]

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Horses: A special connection

Have you ever noticed the healing powers of  horses?  For example, did you know horses can help children with autism […]

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Unexpected: Sef Scott

Have you ever thought about the word “Unexpected?” If you’re a shy person, it might be unexpected for you to […]

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the right match: Aiden Horowitz

Have you ever tried to find exactly the right pet for your family? How do you know if it’s the […]

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Friendship: A special connection

Have you ever thought about how many special friendships you enjoy? Because it’s almost Father’s Day, we’ll talk about a […]

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Perseverance: Richard Jenkins beats the odds

If you love stories where the underdog beats huge odds, keep reading about the perseverance of Richard Jennings. He’s a […]

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Perseverance: Cynthia Pettway’s story

What if you were your grandma’s first  grandchild to graduate high school, but you were in the hospital on graduation […]

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