A Tractor Named Wilbur: FREE Sept. 9th. and 10th!

Did you know Wilbur’s story is offered FREE today, Sept 9th. and tomorrow, the 10th? Meet Wilbur and his friends, Suzie squirrel, Hattie the chicken and others. What happens that changes Wilbur’s life? How does he react?

If you enjoy the tale, Wilbur would be thrilled if you wrote a short review to post on Amazon.

WILBUR is a small, shy tractor. He loves cutting the grass for Jim. But what happens when he must find a new home? Will Jim still be his friend? Who will the new owner be? WILBUR would love for you to take him home and read about his adventure. A Tractor Named Wilbur is the first in a fun series coming your way!

copyright: 2020: Deanie Humphrys-Dunne

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