How can Horseback Riding Help You?

Have you always wanted to ride horses, but you’re wondering how horseback riding can help you? There are so many ways and I’ll bet some of them are new to you.

photo by Bob Moseder, from My Life at Sweetbrier

Did you know I was born with cerebral palsy and when my dad was told I’d never walk, he refused to accept that. What did he do? He taught me to ride horses and that single decision changed my life. Not only did I learn to walk, but I became an equestrian champion, against big odds. How did horseback riding help me? It strengthened my leg muscles, improved my balance, built my self-esteem and made my dreams come true. I wanted to be a champion and I was able to achieve that dream many times.

What if you have a different kind of disability? Can horseback riding help improve your life? Yes, it can. Let’s say you have autism. What may happen when you interact with horses? Learning to care for a horse or pony can help an autistic child establish a bond with the horse. He or she can become more interested in steering the horse and giving it direction. This may also build self-confidence. Wonderful things can happen between your child and a horse.

My friend and fellow author, Billie (Bee) Urabazo, reminded me equine therapy is also helpful to our brave veterans who are dealing with PTSD. There are programs for ex-convicts relating to horses, which have had similar success. Horses can have a positive effect on many people with various conditions.

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