My first pony-Little Man

When I was a little girl, my big dream was to become a good rider and compete in the big shows. But, even champions have to start somewhere, right?

So I stated my riding career with a fuzzy brown little pony named Little Man. He looked so cute-like a stuffed toy. But he liked to be naughty. He was a rascal. I tried to improve his mood by giving him a sugar cube before I rode. But my strategy failed. Whenever Little Man got sleepy, he’s lie down. The fact that I was on his back didn’t matter. I’d get up and tell my daddy that Little Man was sleeping again.

Still, Little Man was a good beginner pony. At least he didn’t have other tricks in his magic bag. For example, he didn’t buck me off. Maybe because that would take too much energy. 🙂

Another redeeming trait for Little Man was that he was small so if I happened to fall off, I wasn’t far from the ground; comforting, isn’t it?

Little Man still gets credit for being my first pony, so he’ll have a space in my heart, rascal or not. We all need to remember before we win, we begin.

Sweetbrier, showing the barns and indoor ring on the hill.

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