Keeping your pony comfy in winter

What if you have your own, adorable, fuzzy pony and you don’t know how to keep your pony comfy in the winter? Here are some things you can do to make sure your pony is warm and cozy for the winter.

If your pony has a very thick coat and tends to get sweaty after workouts, you may want to clip his coat. He will need to wear a heavy blanket in the barn to keep him warm and he may need a special water repellent blanket when he’s outside playing in the cold.

Even if your pony isn’t clipped, he should wear a blanket in the barn. He’ll be so happy you are taking good care of him.

If you pony’s pasterns (the area just under his fetlock) gets wet or muddy when you ride outside, be sure to dry this area off, or clean it the best you can, otherwise, he may get scratches, which is a skin infection, often caused by bacteria. Usually, scratches doesn’t cause lameness, except in severe cases. If he does get scratches, there are specific ointments you can use to cure them.

Be sure to groom your pony every day and in the spring and fall, be prepared to get covered with his hair because those are the seasons where he sheds his coat. If you’re not familiar with the grooming tools, start with the curry comb(the round rubber one ) It will loosen the dirt and old hair. Then use your dandy brush, the one with the stiff bristles. This brush will sweep away the hair and dirt. Next you’ll use your soft body brush. You can use it on your pony’s head, too, if you like. By now, your pony is well polished. But don’t forget to pick up his hooves and clean them out. It’s important to check for stones that could be lodged near the frog (the V-shaped soft part of the the hoof. You may also want to put some type of coating on the outside of his hoof too.

Be sure to the blanket on him now that he’s clean and ready to relax. Fasten it around his chest and his tummy. Now you’re all set to put him in his stall for the night. Great job.

copyright; 2019: Deanie Humphrys-Dunne

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  1. Sherry Ellis says:

    I’ve never owned a pony, but there’s a horse farm near my house. I see them out there with their blankets on.

  2. Hi Sherry,
    Thanks for stopping by. Most people do keep blankets on their ponies if they are outside. Ponies are so cute, but some are little rascals. Hope everyone at your house is doing well.

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