How to succeed after you get your pony

Your dream came true. You can’t wait to go the barn and ride your pony every day. But how do you succeed after you get your pony?

First of all, make sure you take riding lessons from a reputable teacher. Be sure your teacher is experienced and relates well to you. For example, does he/she encourage you and help you work on your weaker areas? Perhaps you have trouble keeping your legs still when your riding, or keeping your heels down. When these things improve, does the teacher compliment you? I think it’s helpful if you have gentle corrections, as well as compliments on your areas of improvement. This way, riding is fun, even on challenging days.

Make an effort to learn how to care for your pony. This will help you build a relationship with the pony and learn its personality traits. Plus, you gain knowledge about horses in general. I loved learning to groom my pony, Little Man, when I was a child. I treated him like a member of the family. In fact, I thought he understood everything I said and I felt if he got sugar cubes, he’d behave the way I wanted. 🙂

If you’re starting your career with horses, be sure your pony is well-trained. If not, the pony can sense your inexperience and act up. If your pony is already well-behaved, he’s more likely to have good habits, which will build your confidence as you progress with your riding.

Finally, when you choose a place to board your pony, have a check-list. Is the barn well-kept and clean? Do the horses look healthy and well-fed? Is there an indoor ring so you can ride in any type of weather? You’ll progress much faster if you can ride all year long. Is the barn recommended to you by someone you trust? All of these things are important and will help make sure your experience with your pony is a positive one.

copyright 2019: Deanie Humphrys-Dunne


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