What is the U.S. Cavalry Association?

 Did you know that “Every U.S. Olympic and National Team horse and rider up through 1948 came from the U.S. Army’s mounted services. Today the U.S. Cavalry Association preserves this fine tradition through sponsorship of the annual National Cavalry Competition and regional competitions around the country. “

I love to watch the U. S. Cavalry Association riders guiding their talented horses around challenging jump courses. I believe there  is one Olympic rider who is so grateful for the support he’s gotten from the Italian Cavalry, that he competes in the Italian Army uniform.

Did you know the U. S. Cavalry Association will help you with research  and they have all sorts of documents about the history of the Cavalry in their library?  They also have several events each year. If you’d like to find out more about The U. S. Cavalry Association and all of its work, please follow this link:


You will find their Facebook page here:


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  1. Informative, Deanie. Thank you! Also, the US Cavalry Memorial Research Library is in my former neck of the woods–Ft. Reno, Oklahoma.
    The preservation of history is important to me.

    An individual membership is $45.00. There is also a family membership and a lifetime membership.

    Hope people will check ’em out.

    • Thank you Billie. I agree history is important and we should not try to delete it or change it. Instead we should learn from it. As you know my childhood home was well-known in our little town of Easton. It took three years to build the house and I thought it was the most special house on Earth. It was built in 1893 and was featured on Easton’s centennial calendar.

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