Fun at Sweetbrier: The lighthearted side

My last post, detailing the fire at Sweetbrier, was sad, but this one will show we had fun times as well at our beloved

The Humphrys family estate

farm.  My sisters and I never went to the circus, but we made our parents chuckle when one of us mentioned we didn’t need to because we had enough ongoing fun without the circus attendance. 🙂 Today I’ll present the lighthearted side of fun at Sweetbrier.

For example, early one morning we heard thundering footsteps outside my bedroom window. What was causing the commotion? A herd of bulls were stomping around, right outside the window, while they munched on the grass growing in parts of the parking area. What could we do now? We opted to call the dog warden because she knew everyone in town. In fact, she found the owners of our bovine visitors in no time.

Dark N Fancy relaxing at Sweetbrier

Another time, we had a blind sheep wander in for a visit. We had no idea what to do with the little fellow s but we managed to  catch him and put him in one of the empty stalls at the back of the indoor arena. Unfortunately, the horses who were working in the arena that day must’ve noticed a different scent because they snorted and hopped around like crazy every time they passed the row of stalls. But, once again, the dog warden came to our rescue and knew to whom the sheep belonged. Before long, the owner came to collect him.

At one time, we had a fun tradition at Sweetbrier on Saturday afternoons.  My sisters and I would make spaghetti and sauce for lunch. We managed to get sauce splattered around on the stove and use up a few pots during the process of cooking. We’d always add more than enough Tabasco sauce to the pasta sauce. After we finished, we usually hurried off to ride again, leaving the pots and pans piled in the sink. Mom was usually a the jewelry store on Saturdays. She wasn’t pleased to see the untidy kitchen so we learned it was a better plan to take the time to straighten things up before leaving to play with our horses or ponies.

By the way, we filled Christmas stockings for our horses or ponies during the Christmas season.  We loved that and the horses never complained. In fact, Mom made sure we got Christmas gifts from our favorite equine friends.

Now you have a glimpse of the lighthearted, fun side of growing up at Sweetbrier.  I wouldn’t have traded living there for anything. What little girl wouldn’t want to grow up there? It was a place where dreams came true.


copyright 2018: Deanie Humphrys-Dunne



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