Horses: A special connection

Have you ever noticed the healing powers of  horses?  For example, did you know horses can help children with autism speak, when no one thought that was possible? Children and horses sense a special  connection; something that helps them beat the odds.

What if your child has cerebral palsy? Can riding help her gain muscle strength? From my perspective, I’d say absolutely. How do I know that? When I was nearly four-years-old, a specialist told my dad I’d never walk.He immediately stormed out of the office and told me he had other plans. He said he’d teach me to ride and I’d be fine. From that day forward, Daddy and I set out to prove the doctor wrong.  That single decision changed my life. We had an incredible journey together, although it wasn’t one without disappointments. Do you think those challenges help you develop character? Here’s what my dad said about it. ” If you fall off, you’ll remember what you need to change so you don’t fall next time. Giving up was never an option. He showed me perseverance is the key to success. One of my dad’s favorite sayings was “You never know what you can do until you try.”

My biggest passion was to compete in the well-respected horse shows. Not only that, I wanted to win.  In order to do that, I’d need exactly the right horse. In fact, my dad traveled across the country looking for one. He found her in Ohio and her name was Fleet Nancy, nicknamed Peach. What was remarkable about our relationship? Peach seemed to be especially sensitive to pressure from my legs. She responded when I wanted her to go forward. Not only that, but she also knew when she did a good job. She’d shake her head when we finished the jump course and push against my hand while I patted her. She was proud of her efforts. We had a special connection for sure. Peach and I were a team who loved beating the odds. She made my dreams come true, against the odds.

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