Unexpected: Sef Scott

Have you ever thought about the word “Unexpected?” If you’re a shy person, it might be unexpected for you to make a public speech. With that in mind, how do you think Sef Scott’s classmates felt when he, a young man with autism and a communication disorder, stood up to address the audience at graduation?  They were astounded because Sef rarely speaks. How did he prepare for this astounding event? He practiced diligently, rehearsing his remarks line by line, with the help of his mom and his brother.  Incidentally, Sef’s family is accustomed to beating the odds because his brother is a brain tumor survivor, who raises money for several charities.

“In the speech, Sef encourages his fellow grads of Plano Senior High School to follow his example and do the unexpected – whether it’s by doing little things, like giving a gift to a stranger, or by doing bigger things, like changing the entire course of your life.”

Sef continued to remind the audience to surprise people with kind gestures, like letting someone go ahead of you in line because it might “brighten their day.” He reminds them that one of the big surprise for him to be standing in front of them, in view of his disability. He said although he has autism, “He’s a smart alec and that’s unexpected, too.”

Another thing he mentioned is to be sure you continue to do unexpected things  every day. Most of all, Sef wants you to follow your own path, not one that someone else plans for you. He said, Ask yourself if your next steps are something you wanted? ”  He continued by saying, “Don’t fear the unknown, or the unexpected.”

When he finished the speech, Sef received a standing ovation. He did something unexpected and should be honored for his extraordinary efforts. Well done, Sef. Keep following your dreams and inspiring others.

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