Perseverance: Richard Jenkins beats the odds

If you love stories where the underdog beats huge odds, keep reading about the perseverance of Richard Jennings. He’s a young man who has beating tremendous odds and realized his dream. When he was in grammar school, Richard was teased for always raising his hand in class. He wanted to know more. Richard grew up in the inner city of Philadelphia. The stress of studying and worrying about his dad gave Richard horrible migraine headaches. Even medication didn’t help the pain, but he still maintained high grades because Richard realized good grades could help lift him out of poverty. In eighth grade, Richard’s headaches were so painful, he was hospitalized.

When Richard’s dad suffered a heart attack, his family wandered from one homeless shelter to another, traveling through several states. But Richard focused on his goal of getting a good education. He proved nothing would stop him from reaching his objective.

When Richard reached his junior year in high school, things began to change. His mom encouraged him to apply to a boarding school for “At-risk youth from single-parent families.” When he was accepted, Richard joined many school activities, while managing to maintain excellent grades. He began the process of applying to colleges. “At Penn, he was wait-listed.” Then he was denied acceptance at Yale. What about his favorite Ivy-League school? He felt confident he’d be accepted there. Then it happened. Richard saw his acceptance video from Harvard!

Even though he got a full scholarship, Richard’s godfather started a Go Fund Me page to cover extra expenses “Like clothes and a good tablet to store his books. Within days, the page showed $40,000 was raised.

Richard, nicknamed, Tre, met some great people along the road to success. He tells people in similar circumstances, to “Focus on what you do and it will all work out for you.”

Tre is an amazing young man. I have no doubt many more of his dreams will come true because he showed perseverance through all sorts of adversity. He’s a wonderful role model for other people who have lofty goals. He’s a great example of what can be done through perseverance. Keep up the good work, Tre. I’m cheering for you.

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