Perseverance: Anaya Ellick

Do you admire children who show the effects of perseverance every day? I do. I love to see a child who has an attitude they can do anything. Anaya Ellis is a great example of the power of perseverance. Why? Because Anaya was born without hands, but she never lets that stop her from meeting her goals. In fact, she has won two awards for penmanship. Isn’t that amazing? She said when people tell her she can’t do something, she says, “Yes, I can do it.” Every day, Anaya shows she can do everything her classmates can, and sometimes even better than they do.

Just which awards has Anaya won? Two years ago, she won the Nicholas Maxim Special Award for Penmanship, at just seven years old. This year, she won the “2018 Zaner-Bloser National Handwriting Contest  for writing in cursive.” Clearly, Anaya knows the value of practice. This award is given to national and state winners.

Anaya says she “Likes to challenge herself.” She said she likes to draw pictures, as well as practice penmanship. She said she’s “Happy, inspired and proud of herself.” She believes “Practice makes perfect.” Isn’t it wonderful that she inspires everyone around her?

I hope many children are inspired by Anaya’s story of courage and perseverance.  She certainly has proven she can do anything. Every day, she shows nothing is impossible if you persevere. Anaya, may all of  your dreams come true. May you continue to show incredible determination and belief in yourself.

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