Dreams: the story of John Cronin and his dad, Mark

We all have dreams. John Cronin graduated from high school in 2016 wondering what to do next. John has Down Syndrome, but he was searching for an idea that would break stereotypes. John loved crazy, cute, unique, socks. One day, John toldĀ  his dad, Mark, I want to start a business with you. They decided to start a business called John’s Crazy Socks to spread happiness. Furthermore, their business would employ only people with disabilities. John and Mark wanted to “Make people with disabilities our reason for success.” One thing John’s Dad didn’t want was to be subsidized. He didn’t want to be dependent on the government.

Guess what happened next? People loved John’s crazy socks. In fact, they earned over a million dollars in their first year! Isn’t that astonishing? It shows it pays to work hard and have big dreams.

Every order they ship out at John’s Crazy Socks contains a handwritten note(usually from John), candy, and 2 discount cards-one for the customer and one for their friend. Isn’t that amazing customer service? Every client knows how much John and Mark care about them. It doesn’t matter what kind of socks you like either. They have something for everyone. Crew socks, low cut socks, and socks with every kind of picture you can imagine. Even former President George H. W. Bush wore a pair of John’s socks for his beloved wife, Barbara’s funeral, as a tribute to her love for literacy. After that day, John and his dad sold hundreds of pairs of “book socks.”

John and Mark have another way of spreading happiness. They donate five percent of their sales to charities like, Autism, literacy, Down Syndrome, among others.

John said, “I’m telling the world I can do anything.” He’s doing a great job, don’t you think? Keep up the good work, John. People everywhere love and admire both you, and your work. Keep making your dreams come true. It’s wonderful that you were taught you can do anything.I was taught that as well. We both have proven what can be done through perseverance.

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