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When we lose someone close to us, we look for ways to save the connection with them, don’t we? Most of us have felt the deep sadness of losing someone we love. How do we preserve that special connection? Little Montannah Kenney, who is seven years-old found a very unique way to keep the connection with her daddy, whom she lost when she was only three years old. Her goal was  to be closer to heaven so she could talk to her daddy. How did she accomplish that objective? She climbed Mount Kilimanjaro. Not only that, but she managed to set a new record and become the youngest person to climb the mountain, which is 19,341 square feet!

Here’s how Montannah’s Mom described their experience:

“She knows she has an angel looking after her and he lives in heaven,” Montannah’s mom, Hollie Kenney, told Inside Edition. “She knew that this mountain is above the clouds so she associated that she was going to be closer to her dad in heaven.”

“It was beautiful,” she added. “She knew she wanted to blow kisses to him and wave and hopefully he would see her.”

According to Hollie, the hike to the summit takes about six days. While the first day of the climb was a breeze for the mother-daughter duo, the remainder of the hike proved difficult due to the pouring rain and freezing temperatures.

The previous youngster to hold the record was Roxy Getter: an 8-year-old who conquered Kilimanjaro last year with her family despite the fact that she and her brother have suffered from heart problems for most of their lives.”

I think Montannah’s idea and actions were amazing. She will always keep the memory of climbing Mount Kilimanjaro with her mom and setting a new record as well. Montannah now has a memory to cherish throughout her life. Great job, Montannah, congratulations! My personal belief is that her Daddy was watching and he’s so proud of her.

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