Kindness: Messages from school children

Recently there has been unfathomable sadness in the news. Because of that, students in the Carmel Clay High School in Indiana decided to take action with their own act of kindness. What did they do? They wrote 5100 personal notes and printed them out. They placed the  notes on every students’ locker. It was such a beautiful gesture, that many of the notes are still taped to the lockers. The notes shared positive messages like, “You are loved,” “Be the kind of person you want to meet,” or “Today is the start of something great.”

Who’s idea was it to implement this act of kindness? The ceramics teacher asked the students if they would like to think about a random act of kindness. The amazing thing was that the students chose to write an inspiring note of kindness to every student in the school, even those they didn’t know. Isn’t that amazing?

How did the students react? They were thrilled. One said “This is awesome. I can’t believe this is happening.” One of my favorites is “The greatest views come after the hardest climbs.” I love that because it  reminds you that facing bigger challenges offers the greatest rewards.

Don’t you think this is a wonderful gesture that had a great impact on others? I hope it’s an example of what can be done to lift peoples’ spirits and make a difference, one person at a time. I  think those students in Indiana will remember their kindness and how it affected their friends for a very long time. Maybe other students will elect to do something similar for their friends because one act of kindness can have a lasting impact.

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