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Any one who  is a fan of the Winter Olympics probably watches the snowboarding events. One of them is the Half Pipe,where daring athletes do stunning tricks inside and above the half Pipe. Imagine how many hours of practice that must take, just to keep from falling, let alone, win medals. Shaun White is a super star, who has fierce drive and determination to win.  He seems to thrive under the pressure of big events, like the Olympics.  Yesterday, two other athletes earned very high scores for their performances. The numbers were into the nineties. But did Shaun crumble? Not at all. Instead, he showed determination to do better and score higher than the other competitors.All of his efforts earned him the phenomenal score of 98.75 to earn his third Olympic gold medal.

Shaun’s journey to the Olympics started at a very young age. In fact, he was mentored by Tony Hawke when Shaun was nine years-old. By the time Shaun turned 17, Tony Hawk encouraged him to turn professional. Even though Shaun is world renowned, he has had his struggles and obstacles to be overcome. For example, just a few months ago, he had a terrible crash while training for the Olympics. He “Split his face open” and required 61 stitches to repair the damage. But did that stop Shaun from performing the trick that caused the fall? Absolutely not. He showed incredible courage because he mentioned in an interview recently:

I actually did the same trick that injured me here in the halfpipe today. So there were a lot of obstacles to overcome and now it’s all worth it.”

Imagine what Shaun would have missed if he let fear stop him from practicing the trick that helped him win the gold medal. Determination can help you focus on your goals, like Shaun did.

Here’s what Shaun said about his Olympic performance:

“I knew I did a great ride, and I was proud of that, and I could walk away with my head high, but when they announced my score and I’d won, it crippled me.”

Shaun White deserves a great deal of credit for his determination and drive to be the best in his field. Congratulations, Shaun!

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