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If you’ve read many of my posts, you know I believe in following your passion. When I was a child, that passion was horseback riding so I put all my energy and focus into excelling to the best of my ability. I began riding at around four years old, when I was learning to walk. Because I lived on a riding school, I loved horses from my earliest memory. I think that’s how it was with Jason Brown, an amazing young figure skater. He started skating at five years old. His coach, Kori Ade, said “He was a bundle of non-stop energy.  She used many skills to teach him to focus on learning to skate. All of their dedication paid off because Jason is now a world-famous figure skater. Not only that, but he has millions of fans around the world. I count myself among them.

Jason has incredible skating talents. Every thing he does, shows his dedication and artistry. One of his best skills is spinning. He manages to make complicated spins look simple. It’s the same with footwork. He displays the most impressive skills dancing across the ice. Jason’s millions of fans are drawn to him not only because of his ability, but also his easy-going, caring, personality. No matter what happens during his skating programs, the joy of skating is evident. Jason is always cheerful because he skates as much for the audience as himself.

Whatever your skills are, nurture them. Feed your passions. Do what you love because  every day will be fun. If the day comes when you’re not enjoying yourself, find a new job. Your joy and passion should show in your work. It helps drive you to excellence. Be proud of your work, but not arrogant. I firmly believe it’s best to let others compliment you.

One thing Jason has learned; “Everybody falls. It’s how you get up that matters. He realizes falling, or failing is part of life, but it’s what happens next that makes the difference. He wouldn’t have become a figure skating champion without that knowledge. This afternoon I read this is “National Get Up Day.” Isn’t this the perfect day  to talk about Jason Brown, who knows well how to cope with disappointment with grace.

My hope is that you discover your passion and have the best time ever developing it.

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