kindness: Sunshine Oelfke

What if you were five years old and you noticed some children in your class couldn’t afford milk? Could you think of an act of kindness to help? Little Sunshine Oelfke had an idea to help one of her friends who couldn’t afford to buy milk with her lunch. She took all of the money in her piggy bank, emptied it into a plastic bag and put it in her backpack. When Sunshine’s grandma, Jackie, saw the money inside the backpack, she wondered what Sunshine would do with it because Jackie knew Sunshine was keeping all of her allowance money to buy a snowmobile. But when Sunshine’s grandma asked what the money would be spent for, she was stunned. Here was her response:

“I’m going to take it for milk money. I’m taking it for my friend Layla,” explained Sunshine. “She doesn’t get milk — her mom doesn’t have milk money and I do.

It turned out that about half of the children in Sunshine’s class couldn’t afford milk with their lunch. That would be about ten children. After a while, Sunshine saved more of her allowance money. In fact, she had a total of thirty dollars, which she brought to school and gave to the teacher. After that, the teacher chose to set up a page to help pay for the milk cartons the children needed.

Even though Sunshine doesn’t understand the big things she’s done with her kindness yet, she knows everyone in her class drinks milk at lunchtime now. Isn’t it amazing what one little girl’s random act of kindness can do? Here’s what Jackie said about that:

“My heart is so full of pride and love knowing that in a world where there is so much hatred, there is a ray of Sunshine with a HUGE heart that – at the age of 5 – LOVES everyone and always wants to help,” she added.

I think it’s remarkable for Sunshine to care so much about her classmates and try to change their circumstances. Wouldn’t it be incredible if she became a role model for others? Keep up the good work, Sunshine. You’ll do wonderful things.

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