Generosity: Micah Frye

Do you love hearing about children who show generosity toward others? I do, especially this time of year. It’s heartwarming to share good news about someone who is kind to others. Little nine-year-old Micah Frye is an especially generous little boy.

A few years ago, Micah’s family had financial difficulties. In fact, they lost their home and had to live in a homeless shelter. Michah felt sad every day because someone working at the shelter gave him  blanket every night, but in the morning they would take it back. That made an impression on Micah. It planted a seed, making Micah interested in the welfare of others.

Today, Michah’s family is doing better. Therefore, he got an idea after seeing homeless people stranded in the cold. Micah found out he was going to get an X-box for Christmas this year. It costs $300. Michah used his Math skills and noted if he paid  ten dollars per blanket, and returned the X-box, he could buy thirty warm blankets for the homeless. He thought this was a great plan so he didn’t accept the gift of the X-box. Soon, Micah had the blankets and distributed them to those in need.

It’s true that news about generosity tends to get around so it’s no surprise that the manufacturer of the X-box, Microsoft, planned to give Micah a replacement. Naturally, his parents were thrilled. What did Micah think? “-“he was in tears.” His family was “emotional” as well. They were grateful Michah’s generosity was recognized and rewarded.

This is a wonderful story, reminding us of the importance of kindness and helping others. Don’t you agree, Michah is a wonderful example of a selfless, generous,  young man?  Great job, Michah.

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