Heroes: Sergeant Reckless

Do you love children’s books with heroes? They’re my favorites. Everyone loves a story about an animal or person who beat the odds. Have you heard of Sergeant Reckless? She was a war-horse and member of the Marine corps, during the Korean War. Reckless was no ordinary horse. For example, she ate with her Marine friends. Not only that, but she didn’t eat hay or oats, as you would expect. Reckless loved”beer, sweets” and soda. Isn’t that amazing? There is a story circulating that Reckless even ate a bunch of poker chips!

What did Reckless do during her combat missions? She carried ammo on her back. This amazing soldier never needed guidance to deliver her supplies to the soldiers. The war-horse learned her route with only a couple of practice trips. One day, she set a remarkable record of 51 supply trips in one day.

Sergeant Reckless didn’t always sleep outside the tents either. When it was cold she wandered inside to cuddle up with her friends. This incredible equine soldier became so revered she made the covers of Life magazine,  as well as Saturday Evening Post. The officials of the Army loved Reckless and admired her work so much they gave her the  rank of  corporal in 1953 and was promoted to sergeant in 1954, after the war ended.

We don’t know too much about Sergeant Reckless’ heritage, but most people believe she was a Mongolian horse. She was born in 1948 and passed away in 1968.  Undoubtedly, she loved  her job and became one of the amazing heroes of her time.

Reckless certainly  found her niche. She loved her job and her Marine friends. Her story inspired others because  they were amazed by her talents. Wouldn’t you like to show people you can accomplish amazing things? I would because it’s the reason I write children’s books-to inspire others to reach for the stars.

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