Friendship: Kamden and Paul

Have you ever thought about how important friendship is? There are many kid’s books written about the value of it and how friendships can last forever.  One such relationship is the one between little Kamden Houshan and Paul Burnett.  “They do everything together: from munching on McDonald’s happy meals, to playing at the park. The two have been nearly inseparable since they met in kindergarten several years ago.”

Paul noticed Kamden was having trouble maneuvering his bulky wheelchair. It became hard for him to use it, even inside his house. Sometimes Kamden’s Mom had to carry him because his heavy wheelchair didn’t fit in small spaces. “Kamden was born with a huge tumor.” Although doctors were able to remove the growth, Kamden was left paralyzed after the surgery.

Paul wanted to help his little friend, but what could he do? He thought about a solution for some time. Unfortunately, Kamden’s insurance company declined to help out. Finally, Paul  heard about, where people could set up online fundraising campaigns to help others. Hooray, Paul had his solution.  The funding page raised more  than enough money for Kamden’s new, lightweight chair. Now Kamden and his family and thrilled that he can move around easily and enjoy more fun things.

Don’t you love stories where children want to help others? Kamden and Paul are wonderful role models. Great job, boys. I love your story. You did a  great job showing the importance of friendship.

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  1. Sherry Ellis says:

    This is a really nice story. Thanks for sharing.

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