Rodney Smith: A mission

How many young men do you know who make it their mission to help others? Some might write children’s books, while others could volunteer to aid those in need.  Summertime is a great time for lawn mowing, but most young people don’t enjoy that. Not so, for Rodney Smith, Jr. He’s made it his mission to help those in need by mowing their lawns, if they are unable to do it themselves. How did Rodney get the idea? One day he saw an elderly man having trouble mowing his lawn so Rodney took helped him out.

Rodney felt it was “his responsibility to set up and try to help others.” What exactly did he do? He spent his summer mowing “Over 100 lawns in his area, all of which belong to” elderly people, disabled, or military service people.”

“After mowing over 100 lawns in his region, Rodney started the Raising Men Lawn Care Service. For every ten lawns that are mowed by participating young men, they earn a differently colored tee-shirt – much like the karate belt system. Participants are then given a sense of accomplishment for assisting those in need.”Rodney is currently on his 22nd stop in Elgin, Illinois, while his “50-yard challenge” has already been accepted by several other volunteers.

Once Rodney finishes with his lawn care road trip, he reportedly plans on going back to school in order to get his master’s degree in social work.”

How amazing is what Rodney’s done? He’s a wonderful role model for other students and they seem to enjoy being a part of his organization. When you help others, you have a great sense of accomplishment, especially once you realize the difference you’ve made to others.

Rodney decided it was “his mission” to help others. In fact, he felt it was “his calling” to do so. How many other youngsters don’t know what they’d like to do and search for it endlessly?  Make it your mission to develop your talents and use them. Try new things to find your natural talent. Once you discover your passion, you’ll find most anything is possible.

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