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If you love animal stories for kids you’ll want to hear more about an amazing young lady named Kyla Sullivan. She’s twelve-years-old and she’s already accomplished so much. For example, she “received ribbons at the 2016 Pony Finals. In fact, she was the “national reserve champion in the Small Green Hunter Pony division.” Kayla won several other equestrian awards, but she also has earned honors at her middle school. She takes opportunities to shine in each aspect of her life. Isn’t that admirable?

Kyla had many wonderful opportunities to improve her skills as a rider. She spends winters in Florida competing in very prestigious competitions. According to her teacher, “Kyla has natural ability to adjust her riding style to any horse you put her on.”

Some of you may know I grew up with horses. One thing my dad taught us was that you had to be able to ride all types of horses if you wanted to be considered a good rider. He said a good rider can make an excitable horse look calm and a lazy horse seem more energetic. My sisters and I practiced every day, but we also read books on riding.I loved animal stories for kids if they had happy endings.

Here are some comments from Kayla during a recent interview;

When she was asked, “What characteristic do you value most in a horse?” she answered,

“I get to ride a lot of different horses and ponies…I really like a horse or pony that is adjustable and lengthening strides look smooth and easy.”

Kyla was asked how her family has helped her with her riding. Her response was:

“My family is so important to who I am today. They support me and my riding. When I was four-years-old my Uncle David purchased my first pony.  Granny used to braid (the pony’s mane) for me and my mom trained me.”

My own family was similar to Kyla’s. My dad taught me to ride. In fact, he did more than that. The decision to teach me to ride changed my life. Fortunately for me, he knew about the healing abilities of horses and the power of perseverance.

for more on Kyla’s story, please refer to The article” Youth Spotlight; Kyla Sullivan featured in the Connecticut HorsMagazine pg. 16-17.



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