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Have you ever read really sad children’s books that affect you deeply? What if it’s a real-life situation where something sad happens in your life and you have trouble coping? Maybe you can’t get past the feeling of grief. Imagine the way six-year-old Jayden Hayes felt when his Dad passed away about two years ago. Soon afterward,  his mom died unexpectedly.  What happened next? Jayden decided he was tired of feeling sad. Besides that, he noticed everyone else around him wasn’t happy. The little boy didn’t like that,  so he  made a plan  to bring happiness to others. He asked his aunt and caretaker if she would buy many small toys they could give away to people who look like they needed their spirits lifted.

Jayden was wise beyond his years because he set goals. He wanted to cheer up at least 33,000 people. Isn’t that amazing?  He and his Aunt Barbara went to downtown Savannah, Georgia, near his home. He  looked for people who seemed serious or sad. Some of the people were overcome with tears by Jayden’s kind gesture. Others smiled and said  he “made them smile.” Jayden had great success with his “Smile Project” to bring joy to others. His new guardians say he may start a simliar project sometime in the future.

Recently,  Jayden is thinking of what he’d like to do when he grows up. When asked  about that during a recent interview, his answer was “A famous basketball player and “A famous baseball player.”  Jayden says he still misses his mom , but “time” is the thing that helps. Isn’t he an amazing, wise little boy?

I hope all of Jayden’s dreams come true. I think he will adapt to change in his life and move forward toward his goals and dreams. He’s a remarkable young man who  dealt with immeasurable sadness and unexpected changes  with grace. Regardless of your dreams, I hope you follow them and are not discouraged my the challenges you encounter along the way. It is often possible that changes turn out to be a good thing.



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  1. Sherry Ellis says:

    That’s remarkable. I like the idea of the Smile Project. Not too many people would think of something like that when so many bad things have happened to them.

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