animal stories for kids: Courage

What if you planned on participating in a fair, but your mom passed away suddenly the day before? Ordinarily, his mom, Tamara, took him to the Hardee County Fair in Florida twice a day to show his pig. Everyone knew the family because Tamara taught Kindergarten for over twenty years in their school.Wasn’t she an amazing person?  She adopted Heath when he was a baby and raised him as a single mom. After the family tragedy, no one expected Heath to come to the fair. But when the audience realized Heath came, everyone in the arena wept. They were stunned by Heath’s strength and courage.  Wouldn’t his mom feel proud? Isn’t Heath a wonderful role model for honoring his commitment even though his mom was gone? He could write inspiring animal stories for kids about honoring his promise to attend and keeping his word.

Everyone in town rallied behind Heath and his family. It turned out his pig sold for a whopping one hundred seventy dollars per pound! At this writing, over $47,000 has been raised for Heath and every penny of that amount will help his family with expenses. In fact, money is still being collected for Heath until next month. In addition, a GoFundme page has been set up.

If you enjoy animal stories for kids check out Charlene the Star and Hattie’s Heroes and Charlene the Star and Bentley Bulldog. Both of these books highlight great things like setting goals, and helping others. These animal stories for kids are told by the cute little animal characters. They’re sure to keep you entertained while you’re learning some helpful things.

If you’d like to help Heath, please visit this link:




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