generosity: Making a difference

What would you do if you heard one of your friends needed something? Would you find a way to help?  The students at Somerset High School in   Wisconsin faced a dilemma when they heard special needs student, J. R. Gilbert only had one pair of shoes that were three sizes too small. One of J. R.’s classmates learned he wouldn’t throw out his only pair of ill-fitting shoes because they belonged to his grandfather. After hearing about J.R.’s problem, his friends went to work collecting donations to buy him some new shoes. Everyone in the school was happy to donate something to help J. R. Perhaps they learned about kindness and generosity by reading chapter books when they were younger.

The fundraising drive succeeded expectations. In fact, the students raised enough money to buy J. R. two fashionable, bright pairs of Nike shoes. J. R. was thrilled when he got the big surprise. He said ” You guys are the best. You got my favorite kind, too!” He was so excited to receive the gifts just before Christmas last year. There’s no doubt J. R. will remember the kindness of his classmates forever. Don’t you think they did an amazing thing?

I hope you remember the power of kindness and caring for others. You can make a huge impact. One act of generosity can change someone’s life. It’s something that person will never forget.

copyright 2017: Deanie Humphrys-Dunne


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