Monthly Archives: February 2017

animal stories for kids: Courage

What if you planned on participating in a fair, but your mom passed away suddenly the day before? Ordinarily, his […]

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generosity: Making a difference

What would you do if you heard one of your friends needed something? Would you find a way to help? […]

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Children’s books: celebrations

If you love children’s books that celebrate our abilities, you should be commended. ¬†Why do I say that? Some people […]

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kid’s books: helping others

What if you were six years old and you heard not every child has toys to play with? Little Blake […]

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children’s books: helping others

What if you write children’s books in hopes of helping others? That’s a great idea don’t you think? But suppose […]

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Animal story for kids: Snowman

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Have any of you seen the amazing animal story for kids called “Snowman?” Even if you’re not a rider, my […]

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