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Have you ever felt like you didn’t know where you belonged? If so, you felt similar to Charlene the Star. This beautiful red horse belonged to a family of famous racehorses. But what would happen if she didn’t like racing? Her best friends, Shy Ann and Blossom couldn’t wait for a real race to happen. In the first book of the Charlene the Star children’s books, Charlene struggles to find her skill. Her mom insists she tries it, even though Charlene protests. Charlene reluctantly leaves for training at Sweetbrier Racing Stable. However, it’s clear racing is not her talent. What does she do now? She must show her trainers she’d rather do something else.

The message in this adorable children’s book is an important one; we all have special, natural talents. We must work hard to develop them and it’s fine if our abilities are different from those of our friends. Children will enjoy this story, often narrated by Charlene the Star. Her antics are sure to bring a smile to readers’ faces.

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Charlene the Star and her mama. Illustration by Holly Humphrys-Bajaj.

copyright 2017 Deanie Humphrys-Dunne






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  1. Yossi Lapid says:

    Looks great! Can’t wait to read it!!

  2. Buddy says:

    If you’re reading this, you’re all set, padrner!

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