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What if you have a mission and everything changes after a chance encounter? That’s exactly what happened to Jakeem Tyler, whose mission was to raise money for the homeless. Jakeem’s parents taught him to help others so he planned to raise money for the homeless.  In fact, he felt so passionately about his mission even being hurt in a car accident didn’t keep him from working.  While Jakeem was working at Chick-Fil-A, a customer asked why he wore a neck brace and a sling. Jakeem said he was ina car accident, but he needed to work in order to raise money for the homeless. Don’t you think Jakeem could write great children’s books about his experience?

Tyler said after the car accident, he was “stiff and sore,’ but he wanted to come to work so he could complete his mission to raise money for the less fortunate.

Here’s what happened next:

Cameron created a GoFundMe for the 18-year-old,  later identified as Jakeem Tyler. Though the original goal was    $2,500, an outpouring of support boosted the fund to $45,000 in just 19 days.

Jakeem  said, “He is in awe” over what happened after Cameron posted something about Tyler on his Facebook page. Isn’t it amazing the actions of one person can impact so many others? He’s a remarkable young man, don’t you think?

Jakeem’s father, Tracy Tyler, was informed about the fundraiser two days after its creation – and he was amazed.

“I only allowed the funds to remain in the account expecting the outpouring to die down, but the love you all have continued to send to my son is amazing,” wrote Tracy. “I intend to use  my parenting skills and guidance to help Jakeem live up to the potential I have always seen, and now the world has seen.”

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