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Have you ever read a chapter book about someone with a disability and it changed your perception about something? Maybe you had one idea about a certain situation, but when you finished the book, you completely changed your opinion on a subject. Today I read an amazing story  I had to share it with you.

What if you were seventeen-years-old and one of your biggest dreams was to go to the prom. You asked some of the girls in your class but they all declined your offer. The girls refused to take you to the prom because you have Down’s Syndrome. Now you’re feeling very sad. Why do you think some people can’t see past a disability?

Daniel Rivas has Downs Syndrome and this is his story. After Daniel was rejected several times by other girls, Kylie asked him to the prom. She said she doesn’t see Daniel’s disability. She only notices he learns things differently. Don’t you wish more people had Kylie’s wisdom?

Of course, Daniel was thrilled to accept Kylie’s invitation. But that’s not the end of the surprises in store for these young people.  Fox5 Surprise quad heard about the story so they went to work. First, Daniel and Kylie ate at one of the well-known restaurants in the area. The Fox5 Surprise crew didn’t stop there. They arranged for a fancy black Rolls Royce limo to take Daniel and Kylie to the Prom. But, they still had one more amazing gift for Daniel. His mom mentioned Daniel wants to be a chef when he graduates. She said he wants to attend college to become a chef. But she couldn’t afford tuition. The Surprise crew gave Daniel a check for $10,000. for his college education! He cried with joy when he received the check.

If you enjoy chapter books about overcoming diversity, you’ll love “Tails of Sweetbrier,” my award-winning true story. it’s my journey from  a handicapped child to a horseback riding champion. You’ll find out the secret to success. This  is the first of my chapter books, and the only non-fiction one.  I hope it becomes one of your favorites.

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