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If you write kid’s books, or if you love reading them, what makes a book special? Maybe you love it when a character makes small gestures of kindness to brighten someone’s day. Sometimes the smallest kindness brightens someone’s day. Here’s what Jessica Carscadden said:

“A little thing can make a big difference in someone’s day- you never know what a difference that can make.” 
-Jessica Carscadden, 14-year-old Founder of The We Care Bears ProjectDir

During an interview for an award she received, Jessica continued:

“In November, we should not only thank and celebrate the joys in our lives but aim to create ones for others too. With Thanksgiving in full swing, we should think of ways that we can show others our thankfulness. Showing gratitude to someone not only shows manners but makes the person feel appreciated. If we all told someone “thank you”, it would brighten our day up, for both us and the person being thanked. It could be a simple, like someone holding the door for you or smiling. But these unexpected acts of kindness can brighten up our days a lot. Think about what makes you happy, and do the same for others. To quote the Golden Rule, “Treat others the way you want to be treated.”

Jessica started the We Care Bears Project as a way to bring comfort to other kids’ lives. After being abandoned at birth, Jessica was adopted when she was 5. She’s also had 7 major surgeries on her face and can relate to pain other children face.

Don’ t you think Jessica is an amazing young lady with a great deal of wisdom? I certainly do. Are you wondering how Jessica started her own company? One day while she endured difficult times, she noticed her collection of stuffed animals lying in her closet.  She thought about the fact her animals had always lifted her spirits when she felt a bit sad. Jessica wondered if her toys would do the same for other children who endured trying circumstances. At the time, Jessica lived across from the fire station. What did Jessica do? She gave some of her toys to the fireman, but she remembered policemen often used stuffed animals to comfort children, too.  She organized an event at her school, hoping she could fill fire trucks and police cars with stuffed animals.

Today, the We Care Bears Project has helped over 35,000 children. Incredible, isn’t it. It’s proof of the wonderful changes one person can make.

In my kid’s book, “Charlene the Star and Bentley Bulldog, Bentley is a rude, selfish bulldog at first. But you’ll be surprised what happens and the things his animal friends teach him about manners. If you like humorous kid’s books starring animals, you’re sure to enjoy it.


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