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Perhaps you have a talented child you loves acting or singing. Maybe he or she even writes children’s books about their experience. What if your daughter uses her talents to help others? That’s something Abigail Lupi does regularly.  How does Abigail help others? For several years she  has been singing at assisted living centers because she noticed many of the residents don’t have visitors. But that’s not all. Abigail is an enterprising young lady. She started her own group of thirteen girls who perform at children’s hospitals, nursing homes and assisted living facilities. The singers and dancers are called “Care Girlz.”

Abigail earned a great deal of recognition for her talents. “She and only seven other children nationwide were selected by the magazine as “Kids of the Year” and featured in the February 2011 article, “Eight Amazing Kids Who Make A Difference.” “It was so amazing to see my face in ‘Parenting’ magazine,” said Abigail. “This award was a complete surprise. A phone call came ‘out of the blue.’ A woman at Parenting magazine said that I had come to their attention and they wanted some more information about me!”

Did you know Abigail began performing at the tender age of three years old? Isn’t that remarkable? At first, only she and her sister performed for the assisted living facility where their great-grandma lived. But before long, Abigail wanted to start her own group of talented performers. How did she choose the name for the group?

“We love what we do,” said Abigail. “I think there are three things that all the Care Girlz want kids [others] to know — you are never too young to make a difference, always try your best and do what you love.” Isn’t that excellent advice?

My dad never accepted something as fact if he thought he could change it. Think about the difference Abigail and her group made to others. The kindness they showed brightened so many lives. I hope you choose to show how effective helping others can be. Whatever situation you think you can change, consider trying to make a difference. I know you’ll be proud of your efforts.

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  1. What a great story! I love to hear about kids who go above and beyond, and who care about others so deeply.

  2. Sherry Ellis says:

    What a great thing for this young lady to do! I bet the residents really enjoy her shows.

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