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There are millions of children’s books for sale today. I love those with good messages, such as standing for your beliefs, or being grateful for your blessings. It’s easy to moan about the things we don’t have, but how often are we thankful for the things we take for granted?

Vita Tonga is a young man from Texas, who realizes how lucky he is to live in a country that honors freedom and those who fought for it. Why do I say that? Vita is a member of the Blue Raiders high school football team. Recently, Vita tore a tendon in his knee during a game. Last week, he had surgery to repair the damage. But Vita insisted on attending the next game in person to cheer on his teammates.  When the game started, Vita rolled onto the field in his wheelchair. His leg was bandaged and supported by a brace. His teammates expected him to sit for the National Anthem. But Vita worked hard to come to his feet and place his hand on his heart for the Anthem.

Here is how Vita explained his action: “I didn’t really think about it,” Vita told Sports Day. “People give their lives just so I can stand up over here in the United States. So therefore I feel as an American citizen I should stand.”
Vita’s Dad continued, “My father is from Tonga,” Charlie Tonga told the television station. “America means something to our family. It’s huge to always stand when the national anthem is played. It’s important to us.”

Don’t you admire anyone who makes an effort to show they appreciate their blessings? It’s something my parents always told us. “Be grateful for what you have,” our Mom and Dad would tell my sisters and I. In addition, they urged us to stand up for what we felt was right. Don’t you think that’s great advice?

In my children’s books, I emphasize good character like setting goals and working hard toward them the way Charlie the Horse did. In the latest of my children’s books, Charlene the Star and Bentley Bulldog, Hattie the Chicken stands up against a bully. She also worked hard to help her friends. Whether you choose to write children’s books, or something else, I hope you try to be a good example for others. Vita is a great role model, don’t you think?

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  1. I love it! There is too little focus on gratitude and patriotism these days. The media like to paint such a dire picture. We need to sunshine. We need to gratitude and good examples. This warmed me. Thank you for sharing!

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