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If you follow my blog you may know I love highlighting kid’s books featuring children who overcome obstacles. If I asked you ” Have you heard of Alec Cabacugan you might say you haven’t. But what if I asked “Have you seen that adorable little boy in the Shriner’s Hospital commercials?” I’ll  bet you’ll say “Yes and he has the cutest smile and a great attitude.”

Imagine being only eleven years old and having suffered over fifty broken bones.  Alec has because he has “brittle bone disease.” Still, he loves playing wheelchair basketball and wheelchair softball. During an interview with Fox News, Alec said he’d “never forget the doctors at Shriner’s Hospital,” even though at first they were” afraid for me to play sports.” But Alec says he “loves sports and “plays his hardest every time.” He continued, “Basketball is my favorite sport because it’s a high-pace game. You have fun. There’s not a lot of stops,” said Alec. “But I know when to slow it down a little bit because in the past, I have gotten hurt. It has led me to miss a couple of games, and I regret that.”

Alec’s Language Arts  teacher had this comment about her student: “I mean he’s always in a good mood, always, every time you see him,” she stated.

Alec shows amazing wisdom for his age.  Here’s what he said during one of his interviews:

“In the past, I have been sad when I say it, but when I say it now I’m happy because know now that I know now that I am healthy and I am strong and there are worse disabilities out there that I don’t have and I’m grateful for that,” he 11-year-old said. “When i grow up I want to go to the Olympics. I want to be a Paralympian for basketball, and when I’m not training, I want to be an ESPN analyst. I want to be an anchor in Los Angeles.”

Isn’t Alec an amazing little boy with big dreams? I’ll bet he’s going to meet his goals. What do you think?

If you like kid’s books about overcoming challenges you’d enjoy “Tails of Sweetbrier.” It’s my story of living my dreams and beating the odds. Children, parents and teachers are inspired by it. I’d be honored if it became one of your favorite kid’s books.

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  1. Mark Koopmans says:

    That Alex kid is amazing – and what a positive young man that we could and should learn from!

    Thanks for sharing, Deanie:)

  2. Sherry Ellis says:

    It’s always amazing when someone who endures so much pain remains pleasant and kind!

  3. Sherry Ellis says:

    That has to be tough to break bones so easily! He sounds like a pretty amazing kid, though.

    • Hi Sherry, yes he certainly does. I know someone with the same disease. She can’t go out in icy weather because she can break all her bones if she falls.
      Alec has a great attitude and he’s the perfect ambassador for Shriner’s Hospital.
      Thanks for visiting and regards to you and your family.

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