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If you write kid’s books you might feel being an author is part of your destiny. Do you think fate had a hand in your decision to start a writing career? I do. When you think about the incredible story of American gymnast, Simone Biles, do you think fate is involved? Did you know her birth parents were both unable to care for her and her siblings because of drug and alcohol dependency? She and her siblings ended up in foster care. What happened to change history? Simone’s grandparents, Ron and Nellie Biles, adopted Simone and her younger sister, Adria.

Suppose Ron and Nellie hadn’t chosen to introduce Simone to gymnastics. In that case, Simone wouldn’t have won 5 Olympic medals. She has also become a three-time world champion gymnast, among many other awards. Simone is now the “Most decorated gymnast in history.” She’s won dozens of coveted  awards and world championships. Anyone who watches her notices Simone is always happy.

Simone refers to Ron and Nellie as her parents because they’re the only parents she knows. They encourage her to do her best. It’s clear Simone loves gymnastics. Her Mom said “Even if Simone wasn’t feeling well, she still wanted to go to the gym to practice.” That’s real dedication, don’t you think? Simone is doing what she loves and that’s part of the secret to her success. She has discovered her passion and she’s constantly striving to improve her skills.  We should all do that, don’t you think?

Simone began gymnastics at just six years old.  Her instructors recognized her talent and encouraged her parents to continue her training. Aren’t you glad they did? Maybe she’ll write kid’s books someday.

As a child,  my passion was horseback riding. I dreamed  of becoming a champion. However, there was an obstacle to overcome. When my Dad was told I’d never walk, he refused to accept it. Instead, he decided if he taught me to ride, we could do amazing things. We had a great time working toward our goals. What if my Dad had listened to the doctor who said I’d never walk? For one thing, I wouldn’t have written my award-winning true story, Tails of Sweetbrier.  Many children and young adults are inspired to follow their dreams because of this kid’s book. May you always reach for your dreams and never give up whether you love writing kid’s books, or something else.

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