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If you write children’s books you might address the subject of bullying because it’s all too common today. Some people realize it’s a problem, but they choose not to do anything to change it. Let’s introduce Kaiya Perry. She’s a thirteen year-old student of Shreveport, Louisiana. Kaiya has had personal experience with bullies. Here’s what she said about it:

“We were outside playing, and she kicked dirt on me and she was telling me, she was bullying me about my skin color, and told me that I was already dirty, and that’s why she kicked dirt on me.”

What did Kaiya do about being bullied? She started non-profit  organization called, “Project: Be Bully Free.” This amazing young lady speaks to groups of her peers whenever she can. She wants them to know how hurtful words can be. She shares her own experience with them as well.

Here’s more information on what Kaiya speaks about and her views on bullies:

“I wanted them to know that it’s okay,” said Perry.

Starting with mentoring her peers.

Perry’s program focuses on IRE squared, that stands for: Identify, Report, Educate the person being bullied and Educate the bully.

“Identify that you’re being bullied, or that somebody is being bullied. Report to a teacher or parent or guardian and educate the person being bullied, and tell them that it’s not their fault, whatever they did. And the person that’s bullying, just tell them how their actions are affecting others,” said Perry.

Her book “Sonya Stops the School Bully,” is not quite out yet, but you can pre-order it here

You can find out more about Kaiya and her book by following this link:

If you like to read children’s books about bullying, you might enjoy my book, Charlene the Star and Bentley Bulldog. The story is told by the animal characters. You’ll be surprised how Bentley bulldog, the bully, learned to change his ways and how he and his friends helped others.

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  1. Sherry Ellis says:

    I hope her message resonates with a lot of people. Bullying is a big problem. It’s been around so long. I’m not sure anything will ever stop it, but at least she’s trying.

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