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If you write good kid’s books, you might take on the subject of bullying. It’s all too prevalent in society today. Whether we write good kid’s books or not, we can take action against it. Little Milla Bizzotti did exactly that. About 2 years ago she was being teased by her classmates. But she began learning self- defense techniques. Guess what happened next? That was the end of bullying. Milla began feeling pleased about herself and what she accomplished.

Here are her Dad’s thoughts on it:

“Bullying was a very real thing in her life,” her father Christian, 37, tells PEOPLE. “As she started to believe in herself, as she became more empowered, the bullying ended. She became so powerful inside that she wasn’t affected by any words or actions by any of the kids at school anymore.”

Wasn’t that a great outcome? I can imagine how proud she is. ¬†That wasn’t the end of her story though. She’s a little girl who sets goals and works toward them She loves the challenge: Here’s how her Dad explained the next step:

“Milla, now 9, had tagged along with Christian to the obstacle course races he coached athletes for, and decided she wanted to participate in them herself. Thanks to her training, she found herself overqualified to compete with kids her own age.”

“The kids’ obstacle races were no challenge for her,” says Christian. “She wanted to push herself a little more.”

“Earlier this month, she competed in the first ever BattleFrog Xtreme 24-hour race, a rigorous obstacle course race that takes place over an entire day. To prepare for the race, Milla trained five days a week for at least three hours a day.”

Milla’s race was fantastic. She ranked 19th among the women competitors, even though the race was meant for women over eighteen years-old. Isn’t that amazing?

Just to prove how confident Milla is now, here’s what she said after her big obstacle race:

I don’t want people to quit because they don’t believe in themselves, because someone else says that they can believe in themselves,” she told CBS Miami.

If you’re interested in good kid’s books that address bullying, you might enjoy, my book, Charlene the Star and Bentley Bulldog. This adorable tale is told by the animal characters. You’ll see how they tackle a bully and work together to show him a better path.

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