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When you read kid’s books, do the characters know what to do in an emergency? Imagine being a four-year -old riding your bike around the neighborhood when you see a fire! What should you do? Little Rosie Moran had to make that quick decision. She saw a house burning. She went speeding home and yelled to her  Dad, Sean, “Daddy, there’s a fire in one of the houses!”

Sean sprang into action. He saw a house with one side ablaze. He ran to pound on the door, alerting the residents,who were unaware of the fire. “They were bathing their children  right on the other side of the burning wall.” The Ortiz family, the fire victims,  quickly hurried to tell his wife and children about the fire. Afterwards, the family was told, “Five minutes later and it would have been a totally different story. ”

Little Rosie was a hero in this situation. She knew it was important to take action to save the family in the burning house.  Here’s the statement from one of the firemen:

“We encourage all parents to have a conversation with their children about basic fire safety,” says Doan. “At Boise Fire, we even hand out stickers to children, whenever possible, as a reminder that no matter the age, children can play a vital role in saving lives.”

Rosie’s action definitely helped others. In the first of my award-winning kid’s books, Tails of Sweetbrier, my Dad also became a hero because when I fire started in our barn, he rushed to save as many horses as possible. He suffered  burns on his hands,from trying to open the latches on the stall doors. the horses. In spite of is valiant efforts, we did lose my sister’s horse and my Mom’s pony. But Without his quick thinking, we’d have lost many of more horses. He was a wonderful example to us of the difference one person’s actions can make. Whether you write kid’s books or anything else, I hope you choose to help others whenever possible. You can make a difference.

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  1. Sherry Ellis says:

    Little Rosie did a great thing! Kudos to her parents for teaching her well.

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