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If you want more kids to learn the magic of reading children’s books, what would you do? Ask little eight year-old Danay Ferguson of Fresno, California.  She believes in sharing. Here’s how she explained her mission:

“I wanted to share my passion of reading with other kids, so I asked my daddy if I could open up my business,” Danay tells PEOPLE, adding that her father, Dwayne, asked her to prove she was serious about taking on such a major project.”

“He said I had to invite all of his friends [on Facebook] to the fan page he made for me,” she recounts, citing her dad’s 4,000 friends, who she invited to ‘like’ her page, one-by-one. “It took me two days to do that.”

Danay has the help of “about 40 family and friends” who are mostly children. What does Danay do in her spare time? She reads more children’s books and still has time to take advanced courses in school.

Danay didn’t start her business without some struggles. At first the town officials didn’t want to allow her to start her own business because she’s so young. But her family did some further checking into the issue. Finally the town decided a child might start his/her own business “If the person you’re talking about looks like they’re capable of opening their business, then let them.” From what I’ve learned about Danay, she’s an amazing little girl with a passion for sharing children’s books to promote literacy.

Here’s what Danay generally says when she holds meetings to promote her non-profit company.

“Her main line is, instead of, ‘I give you a book and keep it, how about you get a book and read it and then share the book with somebody else, and do it again?”’ says Ferguson, noting that “kids respond to other kids,” which is, arguably, the secret sauce for the honor student’s success. “She’s starting a movement on ‘I will give everybody books, but you have to read and share them.’ And she’s trying to do this worldwide.” Wouldn’t it be incredible if her non-profit company reached children around the world?

If you like fictional stories promoting good values like sharing and teamwork, you might enjoy Charlene the Star and Bentley Bulldog or Charlene the Star and Hattie’s Heroes.  The animal characters in these children’s books work together to solve a host of problems.

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  1. Sherry Ellis says:

    Sounds like a good business – and good for her for starting it!

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