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If you write kid’s books, or if you have children in school, you probably noticed bullying is all too common in today’s society. Sometimes we don’t know where to turn if our child is the victim of  teasing. That’s exactly how Season Hillery felt when her son, Ryder Braden was being taunted by neighborhood children. They teased him because he walks and talks somewhat differently than they do. Ryder has Down’s Syndrome. Like typical eleven year-old boys, Ryder loves football.

When Ryder’s Mom learned what was happening, she was devastated. She adores each of her five children. Here was her reaction when she learned Ryder was being teased:

“You guys are just a bunch of disabled people, and made fun of how Ryder walks and how Ryder talks. It was really hard,” his Mom said. That reaction was similar to what my Mom used to tell me when kids at school laughed at the way I walked. She said, “Those kids were never taught how to behave. They’re ignorant.” It made me feel sad that they didn’t have good manners.

Ryder’s Mom contacted the Down’s Syndrome organization in her area. At first, they didn’t have any suggestions to solve the problem. But then someone had a great idea. They  spoke to Denver Broncos player, Brandon McManus. Brandon stopped by Ryder’s home to play football. Ryder’s Mom said “She couldn’t believe” Brandon stopped by their house. “Every day he watches the video showing him playing football with Mr. McManus.” Now they’re friends, but that’s not all. Brandon started his own organization to combat bullying called “The Anti-Bully Squad.” Here are Brandon’s thoughts on his new organization:

“It is tough to officially stop it. But just to try to prevent it and give paths for people to talk,” McManus said. “I’ve played in big football games in my career, but just seeing his smile on his face and his mom’s face. It’s the most rewarding thing that I’ve ever taken in my life.” Isn’t it great to see a well-known professional athlete making a difference?

If you’re looking for  kid’s books which address bullying you might like Charlene the Star and Bentley Bulldog. In this story you’ll meet an obnoxious bulldog named Bentley. The other animal characters: Hattie, Elliott, and Charlene the Star, work hard to show Bentley bullying isn’t the way to behave. If you read it perhaps you’ll choose Charlene the Star and Bentley Bulldog as one of your favorite kid’s books.


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  1. Sherry Ellis says:

    Bullying is a really tough thing to deal with. I’m glad Ryder found a friend in Brandon.

  2. I’ve noticed most of the kids who were bullies in school grew up to be really unhappy adults with lives I would never envy.

    • Hi Elizabeth,
      Yes, it’s unfortunate how many children grow up without the right kind of guidance or roll models. I”m so blessed to have parents who told me anything is possible if you persevere. Thank you for visiting. Always great to hear from you.

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