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Whether you write kid’s books or love to read them, you might like the characters to have big dreams. Sometimes your dreams can surprise people when they come true. Let’s talk about Stephen Curry. He hasn’t always been a famous basketball player.

Stephen was totally ignored by the big colleges. Are you wondering why? it’s because he’s barely 6’3″ tall. The basketball scouts never gave him a second thought. He was actually “disrespected.”  Did Stephen come from a famous basketball family? Yes he did. He was always in the shadow of his well-respected Dad, Dell Curry. Fans used to shout, “You’re not Daddy! Daddy can’t help you!” What happened next?

“Although he was named all-state, all of the major college basketball teams thought Curry was too frail. He wound up at Davidson, a small college 20 miles north of Charlotte. Even there, Curry’s new teammates were skeptical of the scrawny freshman. “When I first saw him, he was this tiny kid who seemed lost,” says former Davidson forward Boris Meno. “It was like, Why did some parent leave their kid on campus?”

Was he able to calm those “doubting Thomas types? “Stephen had times where is talent could not be ignored.  “His first year at college, Curry averaged 21.5 points per game. After leading the country in scoring his junior year, Curry decided to join the NBA. Golden State took him with the seventh overall pick. Curry showed flashes of greatness in his first three seasons on the Warriors, but there were times when he still appeared over matched.”

Here are Stephen’s Mom’s thoughts:

“I’d think to myself, ‘Boy, get off the court with these grown men,’” recalls his mother, Sonya. He started to come into his own in 2013 and nearly made the All-Star team. Sonya remembers a parent at the school she runs trying to cheer her up about his not making the team. “Sorry about the snub,” the parent said, “but it’s not like he’s LeBron James or Kobe Bryant.”

Stephen Curry is a new brand of basketball player. He specializes in darting around the court, surprising his opponents. As a member of the Warriors, Stephen’s coach calls him “The Tuna.” Are you wondering why?  Here’s how player-development coach, Bruce Fraser, explains his nickname;  “Tuna are hard to catch, but they’re not this huge thing either. For their size, they’re mighty.”

Stephen has already helped win the league championship for 2014-15. But he still has big dreams for this year.

“He wants to win another championship and a gold medal at the Olympics and be a contender for the MVP, and he wants to have even more fun. “I smile, I laugh, I dance,” Curry says. “All those little ways that show that when I’m out there on the floor, you feel at home. You feel like this is where you’re supposed to be. Oh, and there’s one more thing we can look forward to from Curry in 2016. “You should expect me to keep getting better,” he says.

When Stephen Curry was starting out, he was bullied. In the latest of my kid’s books, Charlene the Star and Bentley Bulldog, Hattie the Chicken was bullied. But she learned how to stand up and defeat the bully. If you like kid’s books about big dreams, you may also like my  award-winning autobiography, Tails of Sweetbrier. You’ll find out what I think is the secret to success.

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