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If you write children’s books you might like your characters to be courageous. They’re good examples for your readers. They may even be confronted by bullies. Have you heard about little twelve year-old Jordyn Wooley? She’s definitely a great example of someone who stands for what she believes and won’t back down.  Jordyn’s teacher gave her class an assignment to label statements as “fact” “opinion” or “assertion.” Sounds pretty straight forward, right?

Here’s the problem. “Among the statements were “America is the most free country on Earth” and “there is a God.” After Jordan labeled the latter as a “fact,” her teacher told her to deny God or get an “F.”

The Katy Independent School District denied the incident ever happened and claimed no one could verify Jordan’s story. But that didn’t stop her from calling the board members “liars” and asking for an apology in a statement on Monday.”

After Jordyn’s story received media attention, the school tried to deny anything happened. Some students called Jordyn very unkind names. She even lost some friends with whom she was close. But Jordyn is standing firm. Here’s her feelings on what happened:

“I’m going to keep going until something gets done, and until something gets done, I’m not going to stop.”

Jordyn showed a great deal of courage don’t you think? She presented facts to back up her responses. She sited evidence from the Bible and from people who have had near-death experiences. The teacher had threatened to expel or punish anyone who disagreed with her, or argued with her. Jordyn stood in front of the school board and demanded an apology. To date, she has not gotten it.

You may know my children’s books encourage good character, like Jordyn showed. In particular the fifth of my children’s books, Charlene the Star and Bentley Bulldog deals with standing up to bullies. Little Hattie the Chicken was quite brave when she stood up to Bentley the bully. I think it’s a great idea to write children’s books about how to solve bullying. The more the problem is discussed, the more people will look for ways to combat it, in my view. It would be great if you read kid’s books spotlighting bullying so you’ll know how to combat it.



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  1. Sherry Ellis says:

    I give her credit for standing up for what she believes in.

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