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If you write kid’s books you’re probably a creative person. You might have ideas on how to present things in an entertaining manner.  Have you also thought about how to do things in a different way, if you can’t do them the usual way? I’ve done that. For example when I was a little girl and couldn’t walk. I wanted to visit the horses at the barn. How would I get there? Well, the first step was to climb the stairs. How did I do it? I’d sit down and go down the steps one at a time. Then I crawled all the way to the barn! Definitely a little unconventional, but it worked! The whole adventure of growing up, overcoming obstacles, and living my dream is detailed in the first of my kid’s books, Tails of Sweetbrier.


Have you heard about little eleven year-old Bella Burton? She has a rare disease called Moquilo Syndrome, which makes it hard for her to walk, ride bikes or do any of the things children usually do. Bella would use crutches, walkers, wheelchairs, or Canadian crutches to get around.(crutches with cuffs). I would imagine she missed a lot of fun things. But now there have been positive developments. Bella has a specially- trained Great Dane named George. What does George do? He helps Bella keep her balance because she leans on him.  She holds on to a harness on his back. Bella takes George to school, where he helps her walk through the halls. At lunch time, George rests by Bella’s feet until she needs his help again.

What does Bella’s Mom, Rachel think? ““I don’t remember the last time I watched my child run through the yard,” she told Today. “Seeing her run was amazing to us.”

Now Bella and George are inseparable. George used to be upset when Bella had to have medication injected each month. He tried to intervene. But now, he seems to understand the shots are necessary so he tolerates them. Isn’t it amazing George can make such a difference in Bella’s life?

If you write kid’s books, I hope you have an endless steam of creative ideas. Your kid’s books can inspire others to look for new ways to reach their goals. I love being able to touch children’s lives with my kid’s books.

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  1. Sherry Ellis says:

    What a great story. That dog is certainly Bella’s best friend.

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