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If you write non fiction books for kids you might mention someone who is out of the ordinary. If you’re looking for a child who definitely fits that description, take a look at  three-year-old Tommy Morrissey. What’s amazing about Tommy? Well, when most toddlers his age are playing with trucks and building blocks, Tommy plays golf. As if that weren’t amazing enough, Tommy was born without the lower part of his right arm. He even has a name for his shortened arm. He calls it “Nemo”, after the famous fish’s short fin.

Tommy lives in FL but he and his parents travel to New Jersey for coaching with Jeff LeFavre. Here’s what his coach says about Tommy:

“I was very skeptical at first,” LeFevre said. “Most 3-year-olds are more interested in Tonka Trucks than golf … But Tommy was different. His setup and stance were perfect, and he had the slight hesitation at the top of his backswing that you’re looking for. I stepped back and had a tear in my eye. The ball is the biggest truth in golf, and he hit it square. He is beyond unique.”

Most children sleep with teddy bears at three years old. But not Tommy. He sleeps with his golf clubs. I”m not talking about one or two of them. I mean he sleeps with the whole set. One night there were only seven of them in bed. Tommy was upset. He said, “I need my driver.” Isn’t that amazing?

I’ll bet Tommy becomes a huge golf star someday. He overcame the odds and used his incredible natural gifts. Tommy is such a wonderful role model. Maybe he’ll write non-fiction kid’s books about his amazing journey. When people marvel about how he can hit the ball, Tommy just says,”I do my best.” Isn’t that a great attitude?

Tommy’s Dad said he doesn’t know how much impact the game of golf will have on Tommy’s life. But he said, “If he quits golf tomorrow and is able to inspire millions around the world, I couldn’t be more proud.”

Tommy  already accomplished incredible things. He beat the odds. He and I have that in common because I overcame my handicap to realize my dream of becoming a champion equestrian.  In the first of my non fiction books for kids , Tails of Sweetbrier, you can read my story. If you dream of writing non fiction books for kids, or anything else, I hope you always follow those dreams. As I said in Tails of Sweetbrier, “You have the power to make your dreams come true so reach for them and don’t accept anything less!”

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  1. Hey Deanie,

    Wow! What a story – and more amazing because Tommy is only 3 🙂

    Even if he’s never a world champion at golf, this little boy can conquer the world!!

  2. That’s true, Mark.Tommy has a great attitude and I’m sure he’ll accomplish whatever he wants in life. Thanks for stopping by. It’s always fun to hear from you.

  3. I did a school visit with some fellow authors recently and one of the girls asked if we’d ever written about a girl who plays an instrument usually played by boys, like a tuba. You can bet I’m going to include that in a future book!

  4. Sherry Ellis says:

    What an amazing kid! It’ll be interesting to see how far he goes with the golfing.

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