Non fiction books for kids: surpises

When you write non fiction books for kids, do you like surprises? Isn’t it fun when something happens you don’t expect? I think surprises are great fun. For example, who would have expected the ending in my award-winning book, Tails of Sweetbrier? 

This year the Prom King of Milton High School, Nicky Houghes, never expected to attend the prom. Are you wondering why? Nicky has a complex form of Autism called Asperger’s Syndrome. Nicky has been working with Speech and Language Specialist, Kris Sundlin, for a few years. Kris says  she was, “not surprised that he was voted prom king.” Nicky has strong connections with staff and students at MHS,” she continued. “Daily, he checks in with people to say hello.”

There were certain tasks Nicky regularly did at school. “He makes sure his teachers have updated calendars/schedules displayed for the day. He checks to see that their clocks are set to the correct time. He shares a joke or a fact about math, science or technology.”

Nicky’s Math teacher, Suzanne Shultz said, “Part of the reason he excels in math is because of his passion for the subject. He is visibly excited when the class learns new topics. He smiles or laughs or bounces in his seat. Many times, the other students find his energy contagious. He has an extraordinary ability to recall facts and figures such as baseball stats and figuring out the day of the week someone was born. Nicky is also exceptional at simplifying arithmetic expressions in his head. In a day and age when most students need a calculator for every little thing, this is mystifying to his classmates.”

Just how did Nicky decide to attend the prom? His friend, Laura Boudreau invited him. Here’s what Laura had to say about Nicky:

“He is such a wonderful and thoughtful guy,” she said. “He is just a genuine person to everyone. No matter what mood you are in, Nicky will always be there to cheer you up and make you smile ear to ear.” Laura thought of an amazing, unique way to invite Nicky to the prom. “She made a picture of a cell phone on poster board. The question on the phone was “Will you 100% go to prom with me?” Laura was speaking his language. Nicky is very interested in the status of his cellphone battery and asks Laura about three times a day to what percent her cellphone battery is charged.”

Nicky and Laura “Had the best time ever” at the prom. Everyone agrees he’s becoming much more comfortable in social situations. Way to go, Nicky! This is such a wonderful story. If Nicky hadn’t gone to the prom, think what he would have missed.

Maybe someday Nicky or Laura will write non fiction books for kids with surprising endings. It would be lovely to encourage others to try new things. I think non fiction books for kids can be fun and motivating because you know the stories are true.  If Nicky can reach important milestones, you can do it too! Whether you write non fiction books for kids or something else, you can make an amazing difference to others.

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  1. Sherry Ellis says:

    Surprises are great fun! (Usually!)

  2. I’ve never tried writing nonfiction books, but I think surprises are great in ANY book, so it sounds like a plan to me!


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