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If you love animal stories for kids you might write about a character being unselfish. It’s hard to find a good example of a child who always thinks of others. But I have the perfect example for you. I understand that thirteen year-old Erin Byrnes loves horses. She might enjoy reading Tails of Sweetbrier, if she wants to be reminded how important it is to follow your dreams. But Erin also loves babies. Every Thursday she helps her Mom by volunteering at Joseph’s House, a non- profit charity.She loves meeting the infants and caring for them. But she wanted to do more. What did she do? She raised two-hundred dollars by collecting cans and bottles this summer.  Did she have plans for that money? Indeed she did. She used it to buy sixty tickets to the annual Joseph House Car Raffle. Because Erin is under age, she only put the family name Byrnes, on the tickets. But she had a plan. She knew if she won, she’d donate the car back to the organization so they could use the money for the residents.

Are you wondering what made Erin such a generous young lady? She’s the youngest of six children. Two of them are in college. But they’ve all been taught to think of others and make a difference when they could. Erin certainly is a great example of an unselfish person! How did she get the idea of helping at the shelter?  Her Mom said, “Erin overheard her talking other women. overheard her mother and some other women talking about the need to raise more money for the house, Jeanie Byrnes said. Her daughter wanted to help, too, and began collecting cans and bottles at her mother’s suggestion.”

While the staff of Joseph House is trying to find the best way to make use of Erin’s gift, what is Erin planning to do next? “She wants to get something for the moms that they want, not just need,” Jeanie Byrnes said. Erin is thinking of ways to give gifts to the moms and babies at the shelter. I’m sure she’ll come up with the perfect plan to brighten their holiday. Go Erin!

Since Erin loves  horses and riding, maybe she’ll write animal stories for kids someday. But no matter what she decides to do, she’s an amazing young lady with a heart of gold. Her family must be so proud. If you love animal stories for kids, you might enjoy Charlene the Star, Charlie the Horse, Charlene the Star and Hattie’s Heroes, or Charlene the Star and Bentley Bulldog.

If you’d like to read more about Erin and see her picture, please follow this link:

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  1. Sherry Ellis says:

    That’s a heartwarming story! Nice to read about an unselfish person!

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