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When you dream of being a successful author of kid’s books, you need to be dedicated to that goal. You focus on whatever you need to do in order to realize your goal. Sometimes you need to make sizable sacrifices in order to succeed. If you’re a fan of horses and showing, you may have heard about Sophia Pilla.  She began riding at the tender age of six years-old. At that time, she went to a riding camp where she was introduced to riding and caring for horses. Sophia is passionate about riding and she aims to excel in it.

Remember I mentioned sometimes you need to make some sacrifices to reach your goals? Sophia does that. Every year from January to March, she and her family flies from CT to Wellington, Florida so she can compete in the Winter Equestrian Festival there.  Each Thursday evening, the Pilla family makes the trip to Florida. Was she rewarded for her hard work? Absolutely!  Sophia received several first places.  “We ended up  meeting  all of our goals,” she said. She won several first place ribbons last year, as a thirteen year-old, “including a victory in the World Championship Hunter Rider’s Northeast Region.” Isn’t that amazing?

“We burn through the frequent-flier miles, but it’s something we do as a family,” said Philip Pilla, Sophia’s dad. “The teachers have been very understanding, and Sophia does her homework on the plane and when she isn’t riding. This is something she wants to do, and she is very focused and determined.” Don’t you think focus and persistence are two keys to success, whether you write kid’s books, or anything else?

Here are some of her incredible accomplishments this year:

Sophia “placed first in two divisions — aboard two different horses — and won a pair of overall titles  at the 2015 US Junior Hunter National Championship East Coast competition in Devon, PA.

An incoming freshman at Ridgefield High School, Pilla rode CC Cool to first place in Section A  of the 15-under 3’3” class. Pilla and CC Cool also won Overall Grand Champion honors with a total score of 249.30 points from three phases.

In addition, Pilla was named the top Owner/Rider in the Grand Championship.”

“CC Cool is a five-year-old we have been training for the last year,” said Sophia, in a United States Equestrian Federation press release following the competition. “It has been an amazing experience working with her as she is really not fazed by big venues. She is really tricky but so much fun to ride.”

“Coming into the Junior Hunter finals we had no expectations,” continued Pilla. “We just wanted to have fun and get some experience. I really can’t explain how amazing the experience has been. I am really just thrilled to have had the opportunity to show Lainie Wimberly, my trainer, and myself what a great team we are.” Doesn’t she have a great attitude? She plans on improving her skills while having fun doing what she loves.

Whether you enjoy writing kid’s books or anything else, I hope you pursue your dreams, even if you face obstacles along the way. The first of my kid’s books, Tails of Sweetbrier, details my journey to realizing my dream. Remember anything is possible if you refuse to quit.

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