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If you love kid’s books you might read about a character with a great outlook on life. No matter what happens to that person, he puts a positive spin on it. You would definitely say that about little eight year-old Zion Harvey.  You might wonder why. Zion had a horrible infection when he was two years old. His hands and legs were amputated, in order to save his life.  Several of his organs failed, including his kidneys. Eventually, his Mom donated a kidney for him. Now Zion has artificial legs, but until recently, he didn’t have hands. Doctors decided Zion was a good candidate to become the first double hand transplant.  What did Zion think about the whole thing? He wondered what color his new hands would be.  Here’s what he said,

“When I get these hands, I will be proud of what hands I get.” He continued, ” And if it gets messed up, I don’t care because I have my family.” How incredible is that statement? He’s a young man with infinite wisdom. When one of his doctors asked Zion what he’d like to do if he had hands, Zion said, “Play on the monkey bars.”

Zion even has a healthy outlook towards bullies. He said, “They don’t mean to say mean things to me, but it just slips out,” he said. “Somebody says something to me, and I just figure it slipped out and they didn’t mean to say it. Everybody has their own way of thinking.” More people should have that sort of attitude, don’t you think?

Zion did very well during his ten-hour surgery. The team of forty doctors rehearsed every possible scenario. They’re very pleased with the results. Zion has a long road to recovery,but he’s working hard with physical therapists. He’s an unbelievable little boy with incredible courage and wisdom. He’s a great example for anyone who must overcome obstacles to realize their dreams. Zion, I hope you have lots of fun on the monkey bars. You have earned it.

If you like kid’s books about beating the odds, you might like Tails of Sweetbrier, as award-winning autobiography that will encourage you to reach for you dreams. If you like kid’s books which are fictional with advice and bullying, teamwork and friendship, you’d enjoy Charlene the Star and Bentley Bulldog.

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  1. Janice Spina says:

    A touching story about an amazing little boy with incredible courage and insight. Bless him and his new hands. Thanks for sharing, Deanie!

  2. Sherry Ellis says:

    That’s a brave little kid! I’m glad they were able to get him new hands and legs.

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