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As you may know, I specialize in children’s books with positive messages. One of my favorite things to highlight is persistence. If you want to reach your goals, determination, or persistence, is most important if you want to realize your dreams. How do I know that? The reason is it helped me to overcome my own obstacles, which are detailed in my award-winning autobiography, Tails of Sweetbrier.  It’s a story that will show you anything is possible if you never give up on your dreams. Many children have already learned the value of persistence. One of them is a little nine year-old boy named Tyler Bois.

Tyler was born with Spina Bifida  and Chiari Malformation, which causes the ” brain tissue to extend to the spinal cord.”  Even though Tyler has already endured twenty surgeries, he keeps his positive outlook and “fighting spirit.” Tyler has big dreams. He’d love to play football for the Dallas Cowboys, his favorite team. That’s not Tyler’s only dream. He’d love to open his own pizza store. He’s even decided to name in either “A Slice of Ty” or “Ty’s Pizza Palace.” Great names, don’t you think? Maybe with his wonderful imagination and outlook, he can write children’s books to inspire other kids.

Tyler doesn’t only keep smiling, but he lifts the spirits of everyone else as well. For example, before his last surgery, he made the doctors smile by dancing from his bed! Isn’t he amazing?

Tyler’s parents encourage him to reach for his dreams. He wants to “walk more and do more things.” His parents tell him “We’re going to help you get there. It might not be easy, but we’re in it together. There are no limits to what our family can do.”  That’s great advice, don’t you think?

Tyler, I hope all your dreams come true. Keep inspiring others. You’re doing a great job! Whether you write children’s books, like me, or enjoy something else, keep reaching for the stars. You’ve even surprised your doctor. Here’s what he said,”Tyler has surprised a lot of people…No one would have predicted he’d do so well. His family is so upbeat – he’s in the perfect environment to be successful,” Dr. Nuss said.


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  1. Sherry Ellis says:

    Persistence is a necessity for achieving goals.

  2. Hey:)

    It’s kids like Tyler that humble me and remind me I have *no* issues in life – and I shouldn’t grumble because this X didn’t work or this Y isn’t finished yet.

    Thanks for sharing Tyler’s tale and sincere best wishes to him – and his wonderful parents.

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